Project AngelFaces Website 2014In collaboration with Project AngelFaces and Luckygirl Designs, Designibly is pleased to announce the launch of the new Project AngelFaces website,, and updated organization branding. The updated look will help the Las Vegas-based non-profit organization increase community awareness about it’s programs, including fruit harvesting, support programs, and sustainability services, which benefit vulnerable members of the population in a variety of ways.

Beginning in June 2013 at Vegas Give Camp, a volunteer team set out to provide Project AngelFaces with a comprehensive technology solution to aide in running the non-profit, who’s mission is to “create sustainable social change by increasing nutritional access across socioeconomic standards.” The scope of the project was designed in two phases since the project was larger than the weekend hack-a-thon could provide, so a few volunteers from the original team decided to continue their efforts to provide Rhonda with the best possible solution they could at little to no cost. Over 250 cumulative volunteer hours have contributed to the success of this project, not including the generous efforts of Owen Carver and the Vegas Give Camp team. Rhonda Killough, founder of Project AngelFaces, comments,”We are so thrilled to have been selected by Vegas Give Camp for this effort, the timing was divine, our organization really needed a new website and a fresh look for our branding. We are so very grateful!” She adds,“Our team was so inspired, and so inspiring. These talented professionals are so patient, generous, and kind! Our efforts, and those we serve, will benefit greatly from their amazing gifts to Project AngelFaces. We will have greater success because this collaboration of giving professionals cares enough to see our project through. I can’t thank Vegas Give Camp, Designibly, and Lucky Girl Designs enough for this collaboration and their support.”

Project AngelFaces currently acts as a multi-faceted social service organization, teaching organic gardening skills, harvesting local produce from neighborhood gardens, and sharing that harvest with at-risk members of the community. As a small non-profit, they are always in need of volunteers and donations to support their cause. For more information about Project AngelFaces, or to find out how you can help, please visit or Project AngelFaces on Facebook.

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