WordPress Isn't Child's Play

Take a look at this very well-written article over on Medium that explains why WordPress isn’t easy for everyone and how we are doing our clients a disservice by suggesting that it is the “end all, be all” platform for web design.

Have We Been Misleading People about WordPress? 

The truth is, it took me a year to really learn it and I still don’t consider myself a “master.” I am a veteran designer – I know lots of software, design theory, typography, and HTML/CSS code. But the WordPress platform was still difficult at times. I can’t imagine letting someone loose inside their website with just a pat on the back and no training, but it happens all the time. I have a dear client who’s designer never bothered to show her how to update plugins, much less manage the WooCommerce section. When she came to me, she had over 700 spam messages because there was no security plugin associated with her WordPress site.

Freelance design is so much more than throwing up a WordPress site and making a quick buck; I truly seek to educate and empower my clients to manage their own websites should they desire to do so.  I’m passionate about customer service and being a resource for knowledge rather than just a service provider. And part of that involves letting people know that there <i>are</i> pros and cons to having a self-hosted WordPress website.