Maternity Leave


Hi there, folks! As you may have seen on the homepage of my website, I am planning to go on maternity leave very soon. Our baby is due in late January 2015. I am currently only working with established clients and will not be taking on new clients again until Spring 2015.

My approximate return date is March 30, 2015. In the meantime, I will be adding new work to my portfolio and sprucing up the site a bit, developing new web and print design packages, and adding an exciting new service.

If you find yourself in need of a designer […]

Top 50 Web Designers Vegas List

I was pretty excited to receive an email this morning from UpCity letting me know that I was included in a list of Top 50 web designers in Las Vegas. It’s always exciting when someone finds your business and even better when they drive free traffic to your website, so to everyone at UpCity – THANK YOU! Be sure to check out their blog for all sorts of small business resources.

My buddy Christina over at LuckyGirl Designs also made the list. Congrats!

We are a talented bunch here in Sin City. Who do you know in Vegas doing great (web) design? […]

Designibly Freebie: Courage Quote

A dear friend of mine back in Nashville posted this quote as her Facebook status update today.

We need to find the courage to say no to the things and people that are not serving us if we want to rediscover ourselves and live our lives with authenticity. – Barbara de Angelis
It really resonated with me as I have been thinking a lot lately about the services I offer to my clients. As fun and exciting as business ownership and self-employment can be, it is also fraught with tough decisions, conflicts, communication errors, and a myriad of other situations I find […]

MLK Day: What Are You Doing For Others?

MLK Day is one of the few federal holidays I actually approve of; it helps me to pause and think about the kind of world I’d like to live in. It commemorates an extraordinary human being who died for his convictions and in the spirit of helping build a better world for all of us.

We could all be kinder, more helpful, more compassionate.

What are some of your community service or kindness goals this year?



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    Happy New Year 2014: Here’s What To Expect From Designibly

Happy New Year 2014: Here’s What To Expect From Designibly

Here we are at the beginning of another year full of possibility. When I started my design career 9 years ago, I never dreamed that I’d be living in Las Vegas, Nevada and running my own design business. But just because that wasn’t necessarily my dream starting out doesn’t mean it wasn’t a goal; working for myself was always an appealing prospect. I’m fortunate to have reached this goal earlier than expected and I’m so grateful for my handful of clients who kept this little business afloat in 2013.

So, what happens when a goal is met? You make another goal.
You […]